Get to Page 1 of Google Using Website Promotion Tips

If you are a web site owner, you have probably already realized how critical it is for your business growth to get your site listed on Page 1 of Google. You can take some tried and tested actions and actually achieve this listing on Google’s first page. Here are some web site promotion tips to help your web site to get to Page 1 of Google.

Google uses an algorithm for page ranking that functions like this: it ranks according to the number of links leading to that page and the link quality (the importance of the page from where the link has come to your web site). Say your web site has 25 quality links where as your competition has only 10, then automatically your site comes on top. The functionality behind this algorithm is published by Google in their web site and is not a secret. It is quite evident that increasing the number of links that point to your web site (inbound links) should be your priority. There are numerous ways in which you can achieve this.

One is called cross linking where you tie up with web sites that are popular and have a relevance to your business. You get your web site link to be displayed on their site and vice versa. Publishing informative articles on ezines and popular forums, social sites etc and posting into popular blogs is another way to get links to your site. While increasing the number of inbound links to your site, you should keep their “quality” constantly in mind. You have to look for popular sites that relate to your products and/ or services and contribute to articles/ blogs into them on a regular basis. Doing this exercise assiduously gets you permanent links.

Next is to identify all the relevant keyword phrases for your site and inserting them in all the right places on your site. For instance, the title of your web pages should be key word rich to ensure a top ranking in Google. Your web pages should be keyword rich that is use as many keyword phrases as possible as many times as possible because keyword density is an important factor in Google’s ranking. Another tip to follow is to have links that are rich in keyword phrases that is a key word phrase itself should form a link to your site. This way a search for that key word phrase will retrieve the link for the user.

Google search algorithm is known to index the text with in the ALT tags accompanying images. This index is used to produce search results. You can check if the images in your web site have ALT tagging; if not, insert them right away to get indexed by Google. META tags are supposed to be ignored by Google and hence you need not worry about optimizing these tags. You can use the Google tool bar to find out the page ranking of any page that you visit.

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